Aspen Knolls Estates H.O.A., Inc.

Aspen Knolls Estates is one of the largest housing communities in Staten Island, New York. It contains 944 single family town-homes and is located in the neighborhood of Arden Heights on the island's South Shore, near the intersection of Arthur Kill and Woodrow Roads. This is not a Condo Association. ​​There are over 4,500 residents in this very diverse community. The community is part of an overall plot of land consisting of approximately 49.30 acres of land, of which are Common Areas, including natural landscape areas, the Designated Open Space Area, Common Area Lighting, drainage areas, Common Parking Areas, internal roadways, any internal walk ways, main sanitary and storm sewers within the Common Area, Waling Zone, Park Trails, Clubhouse and Recreational Facilities, (basketball court, tennis court, pool), for use by Association Members.  

​​Plans for this community began in the mid 1980's following the closing of the Saint Michael's orphanage (1982) with some of the land set aside for a church named for the recently canonized St. John Neumann. The church also maintains a convent for the Presentation Sisters on the east side of the property. The church and its grounds are surrounded on three sides by the Aspen Knolls Estates development, and by Arthur Kill Rd. on its fourth side.

​​The Aspen Knolls Estates community was originally meant for housing of Navy families. However, due to Base Realignment and Closure, the housing contract was terminated in November 1994 after the closure of the Staten Island Home-port in Stapleton. With development of the community already planned, its builders decided to go through with construction and sell the homes to regular citizens. Construction began in 1995 and was finished in early 2006. The community today has over 4,500 residents. The community has established strict parking policies in its bylaws. Surrounding two sides of this development (alongside the rear of homes lining Ilyssa Way from Arthur Kill Rd. to Woodrow Ave.) is Arden Woods, with almost 200 undeveloped acres of forest and wetland, including some hiking trails.

The Aspen Knolls Estates, (AKE) Homeowner's Association, (H.O.A.) DOES NOT have a Facebook Page. There are no Facebook pages that are affiliated with or authorized by the the Aspen Knolls Estates Board of Directors OR representative of their point of view and or opinions. Unfortunately, there are unauthorized social media pages, including Facebook containing intentional misinformation in regards to the community. although there are some good, helpful hints, suggestions and directives from some very well intended residents, there are just as many that are quick to paint the community, its residents, its BOD and vendors in an unflattering light. Always contact the management office when questions arise. ​​This website is informational only. Always call, email, fax or stop in the onsite management office when you have any questions and or requests. ​​​​​  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Management Office is located on site  at: ​151 Ilyssa Way, S.I., N.Y. 10312​
​​     ​Tel: 718-605-0984
​     Fax: 718-356-3791

General Email: ​
OR ​

​After Hours: 347-695-7282 for a true emergency, dial 911. ​During normal business hours, please telephone the on-site office only. ​​This is not the number to call in work orders, parking issues or homeowner issues that are normally handled in the office during business hours. ​

Office Hours: ​​​    

                       ​​​​Mon​​, Wed, Thurs. Fri: 9am-6pm Tues: 11-6pm
The community is currently managed, on site by LCS Mgt. Services​​​

​Any unidentifiable calls or callers to the Management Office will not be accepted. If your phone has a blocked line, please suspend the block when calling the Management Office OR the After Hours number.​​​

​​The uncalled for verbal abuse from residents towards the staff of the management company will not be tolerated. The staff is doing their job. The rules of the community are unilaterally enforced and applied, with no exceptions.  The owners and legal counsel for LCS Mgt. will not hesitate to legally address anyone threatening verbal or physical harm to their staff. ​
On Site Security provided by:

​ Sleuth Investigations Universal, (SIU):

If you have a true emergency, please dial 911.

If, upon arriving late at night and find no parking, you have to telephone Security to inform them of your location in the community. A Security Guard will arrive, log your information and provide a Conditional Overnight Pass for that one night. This is the mandatory procedure for each occurrence. ​​​

​​Any unidentifiable calls or callers to the Security Office will not be accepted. If your phone has a blocked line, please suspend the block when calling the Security Office.  

Thought for the day:
As an owner in an HOA, YOU are responsible for the actions of your family and guests. This means you are not only responsible for any damage(s) they cause to Association property, but more importantly you are responsible to see to it that they follow the rules of the HOA and do not disturb other owners and their families. ​
Monthly Common Charges are due the first of the month with a grace period until the 15th of the month. Any payment not received by the 15th, a late fee will be generated onto the owner's account. As per the Offering Plan: any account in arrears will have all parking, pool and Association Member Services revoked until the account is brought to current. Keeping your account current will avoid legal collection action.    
Work Orders:

Work orders cannot be addressed if Management is not made aware of the corrective work being needed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner(s) to inform Management of:

1. A tree requires trimming. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
2. A street light is out or malfunctioning. Each light pole is numbered. Call, email or fax Management with the pole number so that a work order can be generated.
2. If your home has a roof leak. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
3. Siding issues. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
4. Bees, wasps, or ants at the outside of your home. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
5. Leaders, gutters or soffit issues. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
6. Pot holes in the street OR within a cul de sac. Call, email or fax Management with the information so that a work order can be generated.
7. If siding has become loose, call Management so that a work order can be generated.
Non-work orders:
​​If a "green" utility box, such as for cable or electric is open, damaged or compromised, call 311 and report it. As homeowner's it is your responsibility to report it to the proper agency.
​If there is a power failure, check your breakers first. If there is still an issue, contact Con Edison.   ​
The Children's Park and Gazebo area are play areas for the children, NOT FOR DOGS.
There are signs posted to keep dogs out of the area. Children play in the grass within the park area. ​By bringing your dog(s) into the area you are being inconsiderate of the health of the children and others that enjoy the park area. Urine and feces does not belong in the park area. Dogs must be curbed, not walked on the grass to relieve themselves. Be a responsible owner and curb your pet. This applies to all grassy, common areas within the community. 
DO NOT PARK in yellow painted, "No Parking" Zones. The entrance/exit at Ilyssa Way & Woodrow Road is plagued with owners that insist on parking at the yellow lines on either side of the street. They are creating dangerous conditions for the children and parents. The Board of Directors will continue to have identified owners fined accordingly for parking in any "No Parking" Zone. These are also "Tow Zones". Anyone parking in these zones risk their vehicle(s) being towed. 
Any owner who erects a "pop up" canopy or tent must take it down at the end of the evening, before retiring for the night. Anyone leaving the canopy/tent up will receive a one time warning. Non-compliance will generate a fine onto your account. 
Any unidentifiable calls or callers to the Management  OR Security Office will not be accepted. If your phone has a blocked line, please suspend the block when calling the Management Office, Security Office, OR the After Hours number.  
Just a friendly reminder that if your home faces the street, (not within a cul de sac), your trash has to be put out curbside in front of your home. Residents have been placing their trash outside of cul de sacs they do not live in. Trash is also being discarded in front of the mailbox clusters, which should not have trash in front of them or be blocked at any time. 
The Board and Management have been working side by side with the NYC Parks Department in regards to the protected woods behind Ilyssa Way. There are issues such as illegal dumping of trash and debris, as well as concerns with possible fires and undesirables congregating and creating mischief. The Parks Department has asked that the contact information of the Sergeant be passed along. If anyone sees any illegal dumping, have any concerning issues OR witness any questionable activity in the wooded areas, please contact Sgt. James Dildine: @  (all formation is kept confidential).

All patio sets, lawn items and grills have to be put away for the winter, NO LATER THAN October 31st, in any given year.

The Presentation Sisters of Staten Island contacted management regarding their Cemetery and property at the rear end of the Property of John Neumann. Anyone found to be trespassing by the Sisters and or caretakers will be arrested for trespassing. Please do not walk on their property. 
The children's playground is just that, "children's". The play toys are "tot toys" not older teen toys to be abused, used by and taken over by bullying teens. The same applies to the play area itself. The older teens are not to be playing on the slides or any of the tot toys for the little kids. Any parent witnessing an older kid in the kiddie area can confidentially report it to management and or security. The parents of the teens will be notified and fined accordingly. This fenced in area is strictly for the little kids. Any confirmed reports or witnessing of bullying will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, the Police will be notified. The Board has zero tolerance for any form of bullying. 
There are school bus stops at each of the 3 entrances/exits of the community.
Parents & children walk to and wait at the stops. Please drive slowly & safely.

​​To avoid a fine being issued, do not park OR stand in the "No Parking" yellow zones and please do not block the entrances/exits.
Frivolous Lawsuits:
Suing your HOA is suing yourself and your neighbors. It may not be clear to some but people filing false claims is a threat many HOA's face. An HOA is ONLY funded by its members FOR its members. All the money the HOA has in its budget comes from the membership itself. Those members are you and your neighbors. The money comes from the dues the members pay. (Simplified terms). The money gathered needs, (and is), roughly equal the amount of the HOA expenses and fund the reserve funds. That's why it's considered a non-profit. IF a member decides they are going to sue, just the act of filing the claim effects the HOA's Loss Run, thus driving up renewal rates. Management, the BOD and assigned Law Firms have worked very hard and successfully at having law suits, including frivolous ones thrown out of court and will continue to do so. With frivolous lawsuits, the HOA will have to either raise the dues of the HOA or have a special assessment. It's not to say a legitimate lawsuit against your HOA is an act of frivolity, however, all HOA members ultimately suffer when their neighbors are looking for a quick buck and file a false claim.

It seems that the owners whose homes face the street have been parking their vehicles in their driveways without pulling the vehicle all the way up to the garage door, leaving the vehicle sticking out than 1/2 the length of the vehicle in question in the street, creating a driving hazard. On a any given day, vehicles are parked in such a way on both the odd and even numbered side of the street, making a tight fit for not only larger SUV's but mid size vehicles as well.

Owners cannot park any vehicle in such a hazardous way. There are a several issues, including but not limited to a passing vehicle or large commercial truck striking the vehicle while driving on the road, creating damage. There is also the extremely serious and very possible instance when an emergency vehicle cannot pass in the event of an emergency. Their passage on the street would be hindered, causing the emergency vehicle to not make it to the emergency in a timely manner OR hinder the transport of a person in need of medical care. Residents are being asked to be more mindful of how they park their vehicles.

The streets are narrow and accidents can easily occur. During snow removal, this disregard is an invitation to nothing but accidents and possible tragedy. During the snow season, the contractor's clean up is hindered, if not halted because of the vehicles being in such a way. Everyone can certainly understand the enormity this hazardous parking can become.

Living in a community such as Aspen Knolls Estates, there are certain rules that everyone must observe. Parking is a serious issue in the community. Parking Rules & Regulations are in place to help ease congestion. Homeowners, as well as their guests must adhere to the rules.

Notice has been sent to owners whose homes face the street. To avoid a violation, for improper parking being generated onto your account, and or a possible tow of the car, at your expense, please be more diligent with following the parking rules.